LIfe Cycles Review

PUB DATE: August 2008

When I first got the email to review Life Cycles I just had to read it. I replied back and Neil graciously sent me the book postmarked all the way from Australia. Thank You so very much Neil for your patience and understanding.

About the book:
‘Life Cycles’ is a ground-breaking new theory on what life is all about. It is both controversial and evidence-based and states that we live our lives in symbolically repeatable twelve year cycles. There are two important years in the cycle and this is where we see fate take a hand in unusual ways.Designed to entertain and inform; details from the public record are used to dissect the lives of world leaders, showbiz personalities, criminals and ordinary citizens. You will learn about your life’s symbolic meaning and be introduced to a whole range of new terms and icons.You won’t read anything quite as original and intriguing and you will never look at your life the same way again. Is it just fanciful or does it represent the most important addition to esoteric knowledge for thousands of years?But what’s this! There’s the sound of an engine warming up and there you are on a platform beside your own private train, pulled up at Revolution Place and they’re telling you to get aboard.

My Review:
I found the book to be very interesting because I am always interested in books that talk about fate and things happening for a reason. What I wanted to know was how important the numbers in the year of my life planned in my life.

Cycles happen yearly typically from birthday to birthday. This has nothing to do with astrology, planets etc.

Two out of the twelve years are “out of control”. Meaning that fate and events take over our lives that we usually have no control of. Have you ever noticed that happening and wondered why?

There are seven stages in our lives. They are: birth, infant, child, teenager, young adult,middle age adult, and late adult. The cycles are from birth to death.

When its broken down every twelve years is known as the Flames of Revolution. The numbers for this is 12-24-36-48 etc. During the 12th year cycle there is a change and its not under out control.

The year of the broken pathway happens every 7th year. These numbers are 7-19-31-43 etc. In these times its the year of the change and new responsibilities and challenges happen. These happen out of our comfort zones.

Neil mentions that 24 and 36 are always the two numbers that stand out when he was doing his research on people. He took the time lines of famous people, celebrities, world leaders, criminals and ordinary people.

The book goes into detail about the numbers and what the years mean. I won’t go into much more but I will share some of what the numbers mean to me. In the book he explained how we can do this on ourselves by using the following numbers: 7-12-19-24-31-36. Those are the numbers in the Revolution and broken pathways.

7- I can’t really remember anything significant happening then.

12- When I think back the only thing I can remember was starting junior high. Need I say more. I was no longer going to a country elementary school anymore but going into the city for junior high. This is grade 7. New people around.

19- I know during this year I did step out of my comfort zone and through the power of persuasion from my cousin and his girlfriend I ended up telling my cousins friend that i like him. It didn’t work out for us but we remained really good friends to this day.

24-This was a big year for me. I got a full time job, moved out of my parents house and started to date a guy. (That relationship never lasted the year)

31-The new challenge for me was this year I had quit my job and was only married a few months. So I was getting use to being a wife and all the responsibilities of running a house. Thinking about children.

36- My dad passed away so dealing with that and then a few weeks later having my mother move in with us from NB.

Other numbers that have meaning to me are:

Illusion (climbing over the ridge) 21 Graduated and 33 had Michael

The Year of change was 37 when I started to review books and have a blog.

The year I had fate in my hands was when I was 26 I had reconnected with my high school sweetheart and went to see him for two weeks in the US. We have once again reconnected to this day but as friends.

I have to say that I had a hard time writing this review. For me its just that I had a hard time putting all the info from the book and putting it into my own words so that it could make sense. If this interest you then I suggest you get the book and do your own Life Cycle. I know when I look back and see that things did happen and I am sure I always questioned why now I know why.

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