The Dead Guy Review

PUB DATE: December 2008

Thanks to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Promo for sending me this book. I am sorry for the delay in posting this but this month has been a bad month with being sick.

Jack Thigpen is called into investigate what is believed to be a car insurance scam. Jack gets more then what he bargained for. In the beginning of the book Jack is diagnosed with CJD which is Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. Its the human version of mad cow. I have to say that this touched a soft spot for me because this disease is very real and you can die from this. The reason I know this is because about 20 or so years ago my uncle died from this. It was very sad to watch such a healthy person die from this.

While Jack is investicating the possible car insurance scam he calls in his best friend Hal in to help him out but Hal ends up being killed. Jack vows to find the people responsible for killing Hal. While Jack is struggling to deal with the lose of Hal he is also struggling to deal with his own uncertain future.

Jack survives numerous attempts on his life from being shot at to surviving an explosion. Through it all Jack never dies. I really enjoyed this book. I found it too be a page turner and the story flowed with enough action, murder, and a kidnapping. Just when you think you figure out who is behind it all it changes so it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Another thing I enjoyed was that it took place in Detroit. A place I visted several years ago. It was the perfect setting for the book.

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