Red is Best Review

PUB DATE: September 2006

I have to thank Stella at Annick Press for sending me this book to read and review with Michael. He really enjoyed this book. Funny enough Michael knew what this book was about even before we opened it up to read it. It opened a great discussion we had about favorite colors and favorite things. Michael’s favorite color is yellow and blue. Thankfully he doesn’t have to dress in special items of clothes in that color but he does have favorite things he likes to wear.

Red is Best is over 25 years old. The story is about a little girl who loves the color red. She is getting ready to go out. She is putting on her red socks but her mother suggest white saying it will go better with her dress. The little girl feels as though she can do things better in her red socks.

She is putting on her red jacket but her mother says the blue one is warmer but the girl wants to be Little Red Riding Hood in her jacket.

She puts on her red boots but her mother says they are rain boots, but she wears them just the same. She puts on her red mitts that has holes and they make better snowballs then her brown ones do. Even when its bed time she has to wear red pjs cause they will keep the monsters away. She even has a red cup where juice tastes better in. Even when she paints she uses red because red is the best color in the world.

Another thing I loved is the fact that Kathy Stinson is a Canadian author. She lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband. Kathy has written more then 25 books. I think its great to read home grown talent to our children and for us and to support that talent.

As a parent its amazing to see what kids will take too and it in turns ends up there favorite things. I know all kids will have a special blanket and they carry it around with them 24/7 thankfully for Michael as long as he had a blanket he was happy and it didn’t have to be the same one daily.

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