How Not to Look old Review

PUB DATE: January 2008

Thank You to Anna at Hachette for sending me this great book.

As we all begin to get older we don’t want to look it. I have noticed that when I was younger (20’s) I had the tendency to dress fashionable and then when I became a mom I realized that I traded it in for the casual comfy style. Why get dressed up when right after the next feeding you would have to change cause of baby spit up? As I am getting older I want to look like I put effort into the way I look and dress. Have you noticed that when you get dressed up or look good you feel good? I noticed that.

Honestly I have to admit that I am rather hopeless when it comes to putting myself together in a hip but stylish way. I tend to come across as frumpy, rather than casual; or childish, rather than youthful. You want to look your age. What’s a girl to do? Thankfully there is Charla Krupp to guide me and you.

Each chapter tells you right away and up front about which things would be addressed in the chapter, in the form of a long list of “old lady” things that would make you look older and unhip things like clumpy mascara, skirts too long, sneakers with jeans etc.

Each chapter has a little section at the end called “Brilliant Buys”. Charla not only tested these items herself but these are items you can afford. Nothing bothers me more then seeing products that are so expensive that you need to mortgage your house to buy them. Honestly who can afford products like that? I want to look good but does that mean I have to go in debit to have them? No Charla will tell you what is just as good as those expensive items are.

What I also loved was that she made it easy for busy mothers like me to take all those tips and put them into my daily life. In every chapter of “How Not to Look Old”, Charla is careful to list high, medium and low maintenance beauty techniques.

Did you know that parting your hair on the side, instead of straight down the middle is a low maintenance beauty secret and that straight down the middles ages you?

This is a great book filled with pictures of before and after of famous people and regular people. So if you are fashion challenged like me then let me say this is the book for you. I managed to take the tips to heart and put them into my daily routine.

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3 thoughts on “How Not to Look old Review

  1. charlakrupp says:

    Cindy, thanks for the great review! Please be on the lookout for the paperback edition of HOW NOT TO LOOK OLD which is out on May 1. You can pre-order on right now for just $10…it has 150 new brilliant buys in beauty and fashion…the salon listings in the back are updated! Hope you enjoy it, too.

  2. Cindy says:

    This book had all kinds of helpful tips.

    Thanks Charla for commenting on my blog.

    Kathy me too. I use to part in middle so its nice to know I was doing it right with parting on side.

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