Viva Vermont Review

PUB DATE: October 2008

This is the fourth book in the series. It begins where Homecoming Queen ended. DJ’s name was added to the Homecoming Queen ballot. Taylor has offered to help DJ get a dress for the parade. Haley is happy for DJ and offers Connor as her escort but DJ says no. Caleb, the life guard at the pool offers to take DJ. DJ is crowned homecoming Queen.

DJ isn’t able to bask in the glory of being crowned homecoming queen because her grandmother wants them to focus on the fashion show the following day. DJ tries her best to get out of it but her grandmother won’t hear of it because DJ will bring attention to the event cause she was crowned homecoming queen and the fact that she still is a local celebrity.

DJ takes one of her pills and goes to take a nap she is hoping that she will sleep through the whole think but no such luck when Taylor wakes her up to get ready. The girls get together to help DJ. The make it too Kellie’s Tavern just in time.

Eliza is the first girl out and on her way back DJ is next but Eliza is jealous of all the attention DJ is getting so she trips DJ and makes DJ fall off the run way. Taylor saw the whole thing and confronts Eliza. The girls begin to fight about it. Finally order is restored and the fashion show continues.

DJ is happy when the fashion show is over and is excited that things will get back to normal but its short lived when more drama comes her way in the form of Haley. Connor has broken up with Haley telling her he still cares about DJ. Connor tells DJ but DJ tells Connor they can only be friends. She is still hurt from when she broke up with Connor and he went to Haley.

Haly and her friends conspire to make DJ pay for the break up. They are angry and start to make DJ’s life hell. Things get worse when DJ is invited to join the swim team. She has earned a spot as a strong swimmer which only makes Haley angry. DJ suddenly starts to get some anonymous threatening text messages. She is scared but does nothing about it except delete the messages from her phone.

When Katherine makes an announcement to the girls that The General is taking them to Vermont for the weekend they are all excited and make plans and shop for it. They are prepared to leave on the Friday but DJ says she can’t go cause she has a swim meet that day. Connor has offered to drive her up since he is going to. Harry and the boys are going to Harry’s parents place for the weekend. On the way up Connor and DJ encounter car problems and are forced to spend the night together. DJ tells Taylor and Taylor spreads the gossip that they spent the night together. Word gets back to Haley about this and she is so mad that she attempts to take her life.

Will DJ uncover who is sending her the anonymous messages?

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