Lost In Las Vegas Review

PUB DATE: February 1, 2009

This is the 5th book in the series. Book 6 is called New York Debut and is coming out in May 2009. I can’t wait to read it. There is a total of 8 books in this series. I couldn’t find the titles or release dates for books 7 and 8. Hopefully fans of this series won’t have to wait too long for them to be released.

Lost in Las Vegas opens up with the girls getting ready for the Winter Ball. They all have dates except DJ. Connor has asked DJ but she has said no she doesn’t want to upset Haley. Finally Taylor talks to DJ and convinces DJ that she can’t let Haley dictact who she can and can’t see. Hearing this DJ begins to think that Taylor is right so she calls Connor and they go to the ball together. Haley is in a treatment center.

Katherine asks all the girls what their plans are for Christmas. Eliza is going to Kentuck to visit family and then her and her siblings will fry to France, Taylor is going to Las Vegas with her mother who will be doing shows there, Kriti is going to NY because she has family coming in from India,Rhiannon is going to Maine to see an aunt and her mother might be able to get out of rehab for the holiday, Casey is going to California and DJ is going to stay with Katherine. She doesn’t want to go to her fathers cause she doesn’t want to spend her holiday as a live in baby sitter. She is looking forward to having Carter House to herself.

Taylor calls DJ from Las Vegas telling that she is lonely and wants DJ to come and keep her company. DJ is also lonely and jumps at the chance to go. Once DJ finally makes it there Taylor’s and her opinion of fun are two different things. DJ things you can have fun without alcohol but Taylor thinks otherwise. She is into fake id’s, dancing with strangers and drinking.

When DJ bails early one night she wakes up to find that Eliza is there. Apparently Taylor called her when DJ got stuck at the airport. They attempt to make a girls outing but by evening that plan is blown out of the water and Taylor and Eliza go out and party.

DJ is constantly praying for Taylor. When DJ is down at the pool swimming she meets a guy named Terrance. He is a Christian and in Las Vegas with his father celebrating his 50th bday. DJ talks to him about Taylor and they exchange numbers in case she needs him. DJ comes back from her swim to find Taylor in the bathroom sick and hung over DJ worries about her. Eva, Taylor’s mother knows about her drinking. She is worried too. The only thing is that both Eva and DJ have no idea why she is drinking and how much she is drinking.

Hours later DJ finally confronts Taylor and lets her know how worried she is about Taylor. Finally Taylor admits to DJ the reason for her drinking and tells DJ just how much she is drinking. DJ is shocked to hear this. DJ tells her about Terrance and Taylor agrees to meet him. Taylor talks to Terrance and admits that she needs help and he gets her into a special rehab for teens and he admits that he had a problem too and that they helped him. Taylor tells her mother and she signs Taylor into rehab. Arrangements are made for the following day.

What makes Taylor drink? How much does she actually drink? Will she go into rehab?

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