**Stealing Bradford Review

PUB DATE: May 2008

This is the second book in the Carter House Girls Series. It picks up where Mixed Bags ended. This is why you have to read the series in order. They aren’t stand alone books.

All the girls are starting to settle in and there are some friendships that are starting to develop. The girls are in school. Its a new school for them and they don’t know anyone apart from each other and a few boys. They are all fitting in except Casey. She is getting picked on by the kids at school. They are picking on her for the way she looks and dresses. Will Casey be able to change so that she can fit in?

Taylor is drawn to the boys and she doesn’t care if anyone else likes them. She has given up on persuing Connor and now has her sights set on Bradford. Rhiannon’s boyfriend. Will Taylor manage to get her claws into Bradford and ruin his relationship with Rhiannon?

DJ realizes that Casey is in trouble when she walks by Casey and girls who are threatening to beat her up. The girls manage to offer Casey some fashion advise and how to dress more presentable. Will Casey decide to give up her old look for something new?

Eliza is still dating Harry and she plots to get Bradford back for Rhiannon and away to Taylor. Will her plan work or will it backfire?

Connor gives DJ a like to a myspace page about Taylor. Taylor has no idea about the page. In computer lab DJ and Eliza look at the page and so does the rest of the class. Taylor sees the page and runs out crying. The Myspace page has pictures of Taylor. The pictures are pretty bad. Who did this any why?

This book was pretty good. I am really enjoying the series. It makes for a quick read.

What will happen next in the Carter House Girls Series? Check back tomorrow for Homecoming Queen Review. Book three in the series.

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