**Homecoming Queen Review

PUB DATE: October 2008

This is the third book in the Carter House Girls Series. It picks up where Stealing Bradford ended.

Taylor is still missing. No one knows where Taylor is or if she is okay. DJ is awoken one night to a noise. Her bedroom door slowly opens and closes quietly. DJ calls out Taylor’s name. She sees Taylor and demands to know where she was.

DJ tries to mend things between Casey and Taylor. Taylor has found out that Casey was the one who did the Myspace page. If Taylor presses charges Casey is in trouble. Taylor doesn’t press charges when Rhiannon offers her her part in the school’s play. Rhiannon had the lead role.

After soccer practice one day Connor and Garrison stop to talk to DJ and Casey. Garrison kind of likes Casey. Casey is looking off and DJ is a little annoyed so she looks off to where Casey is looking. DJ sees a little boy about to be hit by an oncoming SUV so DJ throws herself in the way. The little boy is okay but DJ has a broken leg, bruised ribs and bruises all over. After surgery as DJ is being pushed into her room she sees a camera crew there. DJ discovers she is the center of attention and being called a hero. The little boy she saved was her coach’s son.

Taylor plays nurse to DJ and DJ is not one hundred percent sure of Taylor’s motives. She thinks Taylor is up to something. Suddenly DJs pain medication comes up short and accuses Taylor. Taylor denies it and she tells DJ that she thinks Casey has taken them. DJ doesn’t believe her so she rehides them in a different spot. In the new spot they still come up short. DJ begins to think that maybe Casey did take them. She gets the girls together and they set up an intervention to confront Casey. Casey admits to taking the pills and offers to go for help.

Katherine has told the girls that they will be in a fashion show that will be happening homecoming weekend. Taylor and Eliza are both running for homecoming Queen.

While DJ is still having a hard time dealing with the crutches. She finds out that Connor’s old girlfriend has returned to town. She befriends DJ. DJ is having a hard time dealing with things and her own insecurities about Connor and haley. She breaks up with Connor.

At school an announcement is made about homecoming. Through a write in DJ’s name has been added.

Who will win Homecoming Queen?

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