Not Your Usual Saturday Night

This is not how I usually spend my Saturday night. Friday my friend emailed me in a frenzy she had tickets to go and meet Nick Carter from the BackStreet Boys and had no one to go with and asked it I would be interested. I had nothing planned so I figured why not.

Getting there was a disaster. The directions I got online were wrong. We got lost. With several calls to the guy who organized the event and then a stop at a depanneur. (That is a corner store in english)We finally got the right directions.

Dinner was delicious. Then the DJ announced that we would be able to get pictures with him. The only catch was it was by table so their was 2 other girls in the picture but I cropped them out only because I don’t know them. This is the picture.

Left to Right is Nick, Celia (my friend)and Moi!
To date this is only 4th singer I have ever met. Plus several authors. I think I have met more authors then singers.

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