Emily The Chickadee Series Reveiw

TITLE: Emily the Chickadee: Emily Waits For Her Family
AUTHOR: Carol Zelaya
PUB DATE: October 2007

TITLE: Caring for Emily’s Family
AUTHOR: Carol Zelaya
PUB DATE: August 2008

TITLE: Emily’s New Home
AUTHOR: Carol Zeleya
PUB DATE: November 2008

Thank you to Elaine for contacting me to see if I would be interested in reading this and I am so happy I said yes. This is a beautiful three book series. My son loved the books. These are a great children’s book. They are all a true stories. They are all written in a easy to read rhyme.

The first book we follow the chickadee and a little girl. The little girl spots the chickadee in a tree and calls her Emily. The chickadee is a mommy and she is building a nest. She makes the nest in a window box. The little girl watches all this. The chickadee has laid three eggs. Twelve days late the birds are born. A few weeks later the little birds are flying on their own.

The second book is a continuation of the series. The chickadee family has returned to the little girls yard. The little girl makes sure that they have seeds in the feeder to eat and water too. She has built them a birdhouse to sleep in. She makes sure they have a birdbath to have fun in.

The third book is the final book in the series. The little girl is moving away to the country. She misses the chickadees and wonders how they will find her. Then the Spring comes and one day when the little girl comes home she sees twigs and straw on the step and looks up to see a chickadee building her nest in the wreath on the door. Could this be Emily. She thinks it is and is happy. The little girl gives them seed and water and lots of love cause she knows they will stay.

These are really cute books. We have read them over and over again. A great set of books to have in a child’s collection.

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