Cross Country Review

PUB DATE; October 2008

Thank You to Miriam at Hachette for sending me Cross Country to read and review. I love reading James Patterson’s books. He is one of my favorite authors. I am a huge fan of his. He has written over 50 books. Having written that many books you would think they loose their touch (like some authors have I noticed) but not Patterson. He still has it. His books are page turners with quick action and short chapters.

This is the 14th book in the Alex Cross series. Alex is a police detective with the Washington DC police force. Alex is called to a horrific crime scene. It was one of the worst he has over come across in his whole police career. The family is brutally murdered in their home. When he is looking around he realizes he knows the lady that was killed. She was an ex-girlfriend. He discovers that she has uncovered brutal murders that took place in Nigeria, Africa.

When another family is brutally murdered Alex heads to Africa. He is on the trial of a notorious killer called the “Tiger” along with is boy killers. From the very moment that Alex’s foot his the ground in Africa he ends up being kidnapped, beaten to almost a pulp and shot at. It seems that anyone who is in contact with Alex ends up dead.

Will Alex survive? Will he take the advice and return home? Will “The Tiger” be caught? How many more families must suffer?

I don’t want to write anymore about the book for fear of giving it away. If you are looking for a great suspense book then I suggest this one.

Here are upcoming books of Patterson’s that are set to be released this year:
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~Max -March 2009 (Its the 5th book in Maximum Ride Series)
~8th Confession – April 2009 (Women’s Murder Club)
~Swimsuit – June 2009
~Watch the Skies – August 2009 (2nd in the Daniel X series)
~Murder of Tut – September 2009
~Cross Fire – November 2009 (This is the 15th book in the Alex Cross Series)
~The Witch and Wizard – December 2009 (Just in time for my birthday and xmas)

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