Review: Kosher By Design: Lightens Up

TITLE: Kosher By Design: Lighten Up
AUTHOR: Susie Fishbien
PUB DATE: November 17, 2008

I loved looking through this cookbook and was really excited when I got it. I have to admit I am not a big cookbook person. I have a few standard cookbooks that I use. So when given the chance to review this I jumped at the chance. As a family we are always looking to try new and healthy foods.

The book layout is great and informative. The first part of the book explain how to keep a kosher kitchen and make healthy choices in your eating habits. The next part is a section with definitions and explanations of flours, sugars, oils, etc. What is nice about the cookbook is that a recipe is on one page and the next page has a picture of the finished product. Which is a selling point for me when looking to make something.

The recipes are all great. The ingredients are all stuff you can find in your local grocery store. The directions are all easy to read and follow.What is nice about each recipe Susie always has a little history about the recipe which I find makes the book more personal.

To date I have made:
Salads: Sweet Potato Salad, deli salad, house salad, Marrakesh carrot salad, and creamy garlic salad.
Poultry: Braised Turkey and balsamic glazed chicken.
Dessert: Ancie’s Carrot Cake and my favorite Iced Cappuccinos

All have been really good and family approved to make again. Looking forward to make more from the book in the new year.

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