Buy One Book and Read it Challenge 2009

I discovered this on Amy’s Blog

This challenge is designed to encourage you to rediscover the joy of reading, while supporting the authors who bring us books. This is something that you truly want to read and not be told to read.

There are two levels or choices for this challenge.

1) The first option is to simply buy one book and read it. The book you buy and read should be a book you have chosen for yourself for pleasure. It should not be work related and books read to your children do not count.

2) The second option is to buy one book a month and read it. I am asking that those of you who will probably already have one book read by January 2 choose this option. Books can be on your other challenge lists, it is only necessary that you buy them and read them!

The challenge will end December 31, 2009. Quite a few bloggers left the question on Amy’s blog about reading TBR piles and here is what she said “In answer to the question about if you can read TBR books….I think the books should be bought in 2009, since part of the goal of this challenge is to promote the book industry, however, I’ll make a concession that three of the books you read can be books bought prior to 2009. Thanks everyone!”

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2 thoughts on “Buy One Book and Read it Challenge 2009

  1. Cindy says:

    I think this one might be alot of fun. I just have to find out if books bought in the past count or if its books we have to buy. I bought several books when I started to blog in the fall.

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