Review: How The Moon Regained her Shape

TITLE: How The Moon Regained Her Shape
AUTHOR: Janet Ruth Heller
PUB DATE: 2007

Thank you to Elaine and Rob for sending me this book to read and review. The book won the Benjamin Franklin Award and the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. The illustrations in the book are done by Ben Hodson and they are beautiful done in native art.

The book starts with the moon being round and full. She is happy and dances around. Then she dances in front to the sun. The sun tells the moon she is ugly. The moon was sad. She tried to dance again but she kept thinking about what the sun had said. She went along her skypath hanging her head. A comet sees that she is dragging across the sky and goes to visit her. The moon is getting smaller and he finds out why and tells her she should go to see a woman who lives on Earth who will restore the moons health. The moon is almost invisible when she goes to see Round Arms the woman of the Earth. She talks to the moon and makes her feel better when she finds out what the sun has said. She takes the moon around to people who love the moon ie the artist who paints the forest at night, rabbits who feel safe being out at night, and to a hundred women who sing and dance. The moon feels better and goes back to her sky path where is she strong and full again.

A great think about the book was at the end of the book there is all kinds of information about the moon. My son loves learning things and I think this is a great thing to learn about.

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