Review: When Will There Be Good News

TITLE: When Will There be Good News?
AUTHOR: Kate Atkinson
PUB DATE: September 2008

A huge THANK YOU to Miriam for sending me this book to read. This is my first introduction to Kate Atkinson. This is Kate’s 7th book. I really enjoyed reading the book. I will be buying the other books.

The book begins when Joanna’s family is brutally murdered. She manages to excape by running into the fields. She was 6 years old when it happened. The murder is Andrew Decker. She survived and went on to become a successful doctor.

Thirty years later Joanna is married and has a one year old son. She has a 16 year old girl named Reggie working for her as a nanny. Reggie lives in a rundown apartment on her own with her brother. No one knows that her mother died tramatically in a drowning.

A train derailment one night brings together Jackson Brodie and Louise Munroe in a chance meeting. Jackson took the wrong train and ends up in Edinburgh. The train derailment happens near the house Reggie is staying. Louise is in Edinburgh to let Joanna know that Andrew Decker is released from jail.

Reggie goes into work and discovers that Joanna and the baby are missing. Reggie knows that Joanna is missing and alerts Louise Munroe. It is speculated that Andrew is some how involved in the disappearence of Joanna.

There is relationship tension between Jackson who has been married three times and Louise. Its noticed in the book. Both have jumped into marriages quickly because they each think that each other chose someone else? Will these two get together?

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