Review: The Boy from the Sun

Title: The Boy from the Sun
Author: Duncan Weller
Date: Febuary 2007
Genre: Childrens

I have been trying to pick up more childrens books from either local or Canadian authors. Duncan Weller I discovered is not only Canadian but he is a local author.

The Boy from the Sun is a magical tale. It starts out as an ordinary day. As three children sit on the sidewalk on the way home from school. The children were all sad. Then a little body with a yellow shining head floats down beside them. Asking them why they are sad. With no answer the little boy makes a beautiful bird appear along with many more magical things. The children follow the boy as he takes them on a journey to the Sun.

The drawings are very simple black and white. The boy with the yellow shining head introduces all kinds of things that are colorful to the world to the children.

This story won the 2007 Governor General’s Award and the 2008 Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Picture Book Award. In 2009 The Boy from the Sun will be an animated short film.

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