Review: Paraworld Zero

Title: Paraworld Zero
Author: Matthew Peterson
Date: 2008
Genre: YA/ Science Fiction/ Fantasy

This was sent to me by Matthew Peterson. Its a pre-release version DVD. It includes so many things such as: an ebook, audio book, interviews etc.

The book Paraworld Zero is the authors first book in the Parallel Worlds series. Its written for young adults. As an adult I enjoyed it. I have to admit that science fiction books aren’t really my genre to read but after reading the ebook I truly enjoyed it.

The story begins with the mysterious birth of Simon Kent. His birth mother had a disease and it was unknown. When she gave birth to him, something magical happened, and then she died. She left him a medallion. Simon is raised in a foster home.

We are introduced to Butch who is a bully who lives with Simon in foster care. Butch is set on making Simon’s life more miserable than it already is and will do anything to make it happen. Simon is physically abused by Butch. One day, Simon is trying to escape from Butch when a strange girl appears and her name is Tonya. Tonya is special and has hair changes color to reflect her moods. She believes that she is on another planet. This is when the adventure really begins. Tonya takes Simon off with her to a parallel world called PUDD. Simon and Tonya are taken in by a strange alien family whose mom cooks up some pretty disgusting creatures.

In the parallel world that Simon and Tonya are in there is two groups of people. The little people are the smart scientists and the big people appear to be unintelligent slaves. The little people treat the big people awful. In spite of the little people’s knowledge they don’t understand that its wrong to treat the slaves so poorly. Simon has visions of a beautiful woman appearing to him, who leaves him with special gifts, such as the ability to absorb poison. He learns that this world is about to be destroyed by lizard like creatures. He is given the tools to try to save the people, but he needs them all to work together. He also learns to feel better about himself.

I really enjoyed this book. It was totally outside my genre of books that I read but so happy to have read it. I can’t wait to read the other books in this series and see how Simon evolves.

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