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Today’s topic is:  Top Ten Bookish People You Want To Meet (Authors, Bloggers, etc.)

I have actually been sitting on this post for awhile because I have been racking my brain over this one. This is a hard choice because who would I really want to meet.

I have been lucky enough to attend two BEA’s (Book Expo America) and I have gotten to meet so many bloggers through that as well as authors. So to sit and come up with a list is really hard. Not sure if I will make it to ten but I will give it a shot.


  • Terry Spears is one author I would love to meet because I have been a fan of her’s since I started reading her books. I am always thrilled when I can have her on the blog.
  • Andrew McCarthy. I was suppose to meet him during BEA but unfortunetly the event got cancelled. I have been a fan of Andrew’s since the 80’s and the movies he did.
  • Molly Ringwald is another actress turned writer I would love to meet.
  • James Patterson. I love his books and I believe twice he has been at BEA and the lines were so long that I gave up.
  • Stephanie Chong because she is a Canadian author. I love her two books and missed out on meeting her at BEA this year.


This one is a little harder because I follow so many fantastic blogs. I would love to list  you all but I can’t but I always look forward to meeting bloggers when I am out at events (author signings or BEA)

  • Lori from Pure Imagination she is an awesome blogger
  • Kim from Tales of a Ranting Ginger is an awesome Canadian blogger and is always so helpful. She isn’t a book blogger but a review blogger and one I look up to in that type of blogging.
  • Melissa from The Betty and Boo Chronicles. I missed out on meeting her in 2010 but hopefully when I make a stop in PA in the summer we will get the chance to meet up.
  • Angela from Reading Angel is someone I would love to meet one day.
  • Molly and Andy from The Bumbles Blog. We were exchange partners and they just seem like awesome people that I would love to meet although I have to admit I do more stalking then commenting on their blog.

There are so many bloggers and authors I would love to meet and hopefully one day it will happen.

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  1. Great list, Cindy!

  2. We WILL make it happen! 🙂 Would love to meet you, too! Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. I think Molly Ringwald was at this past BEA, but it could have just been her book. I agree with James Patterson, and I can believe his lines to be crazy long.

    I am so glad we met at BEA and I hope when you go next year you get to meet these other awesome people, though they may not be as awesome as me 😉

  4. Oh, my Andrew! Seriously, next year we are watching a bunch of 80’s movies together! Less Than Zero, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire… all of Andrew’s best! I saw him on tv the other day talking about his travel book. Is it possible that he’s still gorgeous? Yes it is!

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