Something New to the Blog

I have actually been sitting on this post for awhile and I finally decided to post it tonight. I had thought that eventually it would die down but it seems like its been increasing so I thought that I would address this now and make some changes to the blog.
For the past few months I have been getting tons of spam like comments from anonymous sources. Now I do love getting comments but not the ones that have nothing to do with the blog topic or ones that include links to another site that is hidden within the post.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone and I do moderate my comments so technically you never see the spam comments. But do the increasing numbers now ( I use to average 4-5 spam comments a week but now its 5+ a day) I am no longer allowing anonymous comments.

To those spammers who are sending me spam you are really trying to hid it because you are going back to much older posts. Is it really worth it? 

So thankfully you my blogger friends never use the anonymous feature to post so it should all be good. Just remember if you comment and don’t see it, its because I have to approve all comments.

Have a good night.

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