Proud Mommy Moment

The above picture is of Michael’s cernicreation craft he did at lunch time at school. It took my two Tuesday’s to complete it. The bowl was bought and all he had to do was put the polymer clay on the sides of the bowl and to make the dog. This was just so cute that I wanted to share it with my readers. He is very proud of it that he couldn’t wait to bring it home. Its now sitting proudly on our coffee table.

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  1. Wow, Michael did a great job!

  2. That is precious, and pretty attractive too. I still have the first thing my son made at that age (he’s 36 now), a wooden pen holder with my name burned into it.
    These are great times for you and your son.

  3. Tell Michael he did a fantastic job! These are the gifts that last forever, more precious than anything bought.

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