Virtual Advent Tour 2013

I am honored to be the fourth stop in the  Virtual Advent Tour . I am sharing this day with Kelley from the road goes ever ever on . This is a new me blogger and I am looking forward to checking out her post for today and her blog as well.
Before getting into my post I just want to thank  Kailana from The Written World and Marg from Adventures of an Intrepid Reader who take the time each year to organize this for everyone. They have been organizing this for over 5 years.
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I always find it hard to come up with a post idea and trying to figure out what everyone else could be writting about so its not repeating but its very hard. 
So this year I thought I would share a great gift idea that you can give that will give back in case your looking for something to give a friend, a family member, a teacher etc
This year I decide to give a gift that will make a lasting impact in our world and that is the gift that gives back. With every gift I buy I give back to the Free the Children community wither it be free education, clean water, food, health care etc.

Along with the usual Christmas cards I send out to friends and family I am incoperating some of the Me To We cards. They sale for $4.50 at Chapters.

The cards I have seen at my local Chapters are bright and jolly, and they have a variety of cards to choose from and I think this card is the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer and give back. Not only during Christmas but throughout the year.

The thing I like best about this is that with my purchase of these cards I am also giving  a child overseas pencils and that gives them the gift of education and opening up a whole new world of learning.

The recipients I send my cards and gifts to can track their impact with each card. The back of each card includes a unique eight-digit code that recipients can enter online at to learn more about where their life-changing gift was delivered.

The other thing I am giving is the Rafiki Friend Chains. They can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, anklet or headband.

Each Rafiki Friend Chain you buy is handmade by a Maasai mama who earns a fair wage to send her children to school and helps you, the consumer, make a socially conscious fashion statement.

They come in five different colors, the Water Rafiki is a mixed blue which will give clean water for a year to a person, Health Rafiki is a mixed red, this will give health care to one child for a year, Education Rafiki is multi colored and this will give school supplies for a year to a child, Food Rafiki is mixed green and this will give a month of healthy meals to a child and Income Rafiki which is a multi colored black and white which gives sustainable financial tools to enpower women.

I know my local chapters only has the Water and Education Rafiki’s available and they are $10.00 but other locations might have different ones in stock. If not then you can always check the We to Me to order them.

Would this be something you would give?

I aplogize for the photos as I had to take them from the We To Me website since my computer is acting wonky and not letting me upload my camera.

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