(Review) The Secret Me Book

Title: The Secret Me Book: A Journal to celebrate what makes you, you
Author: Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder
Pub Date: April 2012
Pages: 208
Publisher: Soourcebooks

Source: I recieved a copy of this book for review

About the book:
Discover what makes you, you…

What makes you tick and hum?
What quirks and habits are yours and yours alone?
who do you wish you could be?
who are you now?

The answers make up your “secret me,” your soul’s fingerprint.

Packed with creative and quirky prompts, ideas, and activities, The Secret Me Book gives you an inspiring way to get to know this core part of you.

Scribble thoughts, make lists, paste pictures, and doodle—all tapping into the real you.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Is there a movie that defines you?
What’s your secret talent?

Here’s your secret me book—it’s time to celebrate what you’re made of.


I liked this book and I am sure anyone would love this book. It was like that book by Kerri Smith called Wreck This Journal.  What I loved about the book was that it was guide with instructions on what to do but you didn’t have to follow it in order, you could do what you wanted and how you wanted.

This is one of those books that you can sit and do as much or as little as you want. I know for awhile it was in my purse and I would take it out while I was waiting for my son to come out of school or while he was on the ice at hockey practices.

There is all kinds of fun things to do with the book and I really enjoyed it. I love being creative and this was one place I was care free and don’t have to follow any rules and rack my brain for the answers.

I know the authors have another book out called The Happy Book that I will have to look into getting.

Thanks Sourcebooks for sending a copy to me.

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(Review) A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing

Title: A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing (Book 9 in the Wolf Series)
Author: Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 352
Pub Date: March 2012

Source: I received an ARC copy of this book for review.

About the book:
Her instincts tell her he’s dangerous…
While her overprotective brother’s away, Meara Greymere’s planning to play—and it wouldn’t hurt to find herself a mate in the process. The last thing she needs is one of his SEAL buddies spoiling her fun, even if the guy is the hottest one she’s ever seen…

His powers of persuasion are impossible to resist…
Finn Emerson is a battle-hardened Navy SEAL and alpha wolf. He’s a little overqualified for baby-sitting, but feisty Meara is attracting trouble like a magnet…

As the only responsible alpha male in the vicinity, Finn is going to have to protect this intriguing woman from a horde of questionable men, and definitely from himself…


All I can say about this book is “OMG”. Wow I loved, loved loved this book.

I am not sure if its just me or not but I always worry when I read a series that the next book won’t be as good as the previous one and that I won’t love the books anymore but one thing I have discovered since reading Terry Spear’s Wolf Series is that I don’t have to worry about that because Terry some how manages to out do the previous book and just when I think I love the previous books I end up reading a new one and loving it more.

Out of the whole wolf series I have to say that I love them all. She has great characters and great chemistry in them all. I have to say even though its not possible to shape shift her books all make it seem possible and believable.

I can hands down spend a day reading Terry’s books. I have a hard time putting them down and I just need to read what happens. This book was no exception. I started it early in the morning and read it all day. Trying to read slowly so that I can savour the book because the next one in the series (book 10), A Howl for the Highlander, A Highland Wolf Wedding (book 11) and Silence of the Wolf (book 12) aren’t coming out until 2013.

Thankfully though, Terry has a new series coming out called the Jaguar Series and the first book, Savage Hunger will be coming out in October 2012. I can’t wait to read that new series.

Okay enough ramblings on to my review.

As I said previously I loved this book and I loved the cover.

Even though this is the ninth book in the Wolf Series you really don’t need to read the previous books in the series to follow the story line. I know when I first started to read Terry’s books I was perfectly fine and never felt like I was missing something in the story lines.

This time Terry has brought back some characters (Tessa, although she is only mentioned in the book and her mate Hunter, who makes an appearance because of his sister) from her third book To Tempt A Wolf.

So a little back ground story on Hunter. He is the alpha male of the pack and they have relocated to Oregon (because they lost everything in California from a fire). He has mated with Tessa and they have left for their honeymoon leaving his sister Meara at home to take of things along with his pack. Although little does he know that things are about to change.

Now you know the old saying when the cats away the mice will play, and that is exactly what Meara is hoping for because her over protective brother is finally leaving her alone and she is on the hunt for a new mate and figures now is the best time to look while he is away. She thinks if she mates before he returns, he won’t be able to protect her. Little does Meara know but her life is about to change.

Finn, who happens to be a SEAL buddy of Hunter’s has come to warn her that her life is in danger and that an assassin is on the hunt for her. All he really seems to know is that she some how saved the team from a mission and someone wasn’t happy and is determined to get revenge. Finn has taken it upon himself to protect her and Meara isn’t happy about this because he is interfering in her hunt for a mate. Its only after a body appears that Meara realizes how much danger she is in but yet she still wants to be around to uncover the person behind it and to find her mate.

At first Finn clearly makes up his mind that nothing will happen between the two of them because he knows Hunter will not be happy and that he is doing this to protect her even though you know he secretly likes her and Meara has said she wants nothing to do with him because of who and what he is but you can clearly see that she too wants him.

As their relationship grows I fell in love with Finn. He came out and said he wasn’t a romantic guy but he was wrong because he was. It was the little things he did for Meara that I loved and he didn’t have to go and do grand gestures to prove it. Plus he came off as a real guy when he got jealous and over protective of her. Plus him being in the service might have helped. Although I have to say I am a Marine Corp kind of girl.

I was curious to see who was seeking revenge of Meara and why and a few times I thought I had it figured out only to be proven wrong in the end and was totally shocked at who it was and why. Although Rourke who was a newly turned wolf figured it out before Finn and his team did and he came to save the day in the end.

I loved this book and I highly recommend it if you love paranormal romance. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure.

Thanks to Danielle at Sourcebooks for sending me this book to read and review. Please note that I will be having a Q&A with Terry tomorrow on my blog.

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