All I have to Give Review

TITLE: All I Have to Give
AUTHOR: Melody Carlson
PUB DATE: July 2008
ISBN: 978-08007-1882-4
PUBLISHER: Revell Books
PAGES: 176

From the Inside Flap
What would you do to make Christmas special? Anna wants this to be the best Christmas ever, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that. But what happens when everything and everyone around her seems to be falling apart? Is this destined to be the worst Christmas ever? Fortunately for her, as often happens at this time of year, there are miracles in store. Just when Anna’s happy holidays look hopeless, the magic of Christmas works its way into her life. And what she unwraps for Christmas will surprise everyone.

From the Back Cover
What does it take to make the perfect Christmas? A picture-perfect tree? Piles of brightly wrapped presents? A sumptuous spread on a gorgeous table? Take some time this Christmas to rediscover what it means to give–and receive–the gift of pure love. It may not be what you expect, but it might be just what you need.

As you already know by now I am a huge fan of Melody Carlson and can pretty much devour her books in one sitting. This one was no exception I managed to finish in it about 2 hours.

The book opens up with Anna and Meredith talking about their martial relationships while they are cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner. Anna thinks her husband is going through a midlife crisis’s. She thinks this because he has been distant and distracted lately.

As she is putting away her grandmother’s good china, Michael suggests that they make the baby’s room into a home office. Anna has been pregnant in the past but always ends up loosing the baby. This upsets her.

Anna has this nagging feeling something is wrong and she thinks she has cancer because that is what her mother died of. She research’s online and realizes she has some of the symptoms. She can’t go to the dr because they have no health insurance. She doesn’t tell Michael but makes it her mission for them to have the best Christmas ever because its been a few years since they have made a big fuss over it.

Anna begins to wonder if Michael is cheating on her and in all honesty I was beginning to think that yes he was cheating on her because he was always working late (he started his own business) and when she would call the office he wasn’t there, when she went to the office he wasn’t there when he said he was going there, he was spotted hanging out at a college coffee shop, and many other things. I felt bad for Anna because she was going through this all on her own.

No one knows what Anna is going through until she lets it slip to her sister who demands she goes to the doctors right way, health insurance or not. Meredith suddenly realizes something about Anna’s symptoms and puts two and two together and realizes that Anna might not have cancer but something else. Something that is much more exciting.

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend the book to anyone who wanted a love story this holiday season. Its not one of the mushy romance ones but a heartful loving one.

This book was a book that I won from Revell and I wasn’t asked to review it but I am only because any book I read I review.

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