I can’t believe I have caved….

If you know me from either online or in real life you know I have been very apprehensive of the ereaders. Not really sure why though?

I think they are a great idea for the person who travels and doesn’t want to carry a ton of books with them but for me I am a stay at home mom and I can honestly say I travel about once a year so why would I need one?

Recently I have been thinking about them and I think I would have loved to have one when I was on vacation because I had brought a ton of books with me. I actually was looking at one in the US and was thinking about it and the price was pretty good. The only thing for me was what happens if something happens to it that leads to alot of hassles since I live in Canada. So needless to say it stayed there.

Coming home I was still thinking about it and when I had an offer you basically can’t refuse I jumped at it and got:

As you can see I got the black one and it also comes out in white. (sorry for the quality of the pics)

The battery charge lasts roughly 2 weeks or about 8000 page turns.

Supports multiple content types: eBooks, PDFs, Newspapers & Magazines. (Which I see on the website is coming.)

Pre-loaded with desktop software to organize your library.

Book-like reading: No glare 6″ E Ink screen with 8 level grey scale.

Pick up where you left off: automatically book mark pages.

Size: 120mm x 184mm

Slim: Only 10mm thick

Lightweight: 221g (Very light)

Quick Navigation: soft 5-way button

Store up to 1000 titles†: 1 GB memory

Add additional storage: up to 4GB using SD Memory card slot (memory card not included). (Which is good for me.)

You can change the fonts to make it easier to read.

It comes loaded with 100 classics such as: Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, The Phantom of the Opera and so many more.

You can look at your books by title, author or I’m reading.

As you can see on the left hand side there is buttons for home, menu, display and back all pretty easy to understand.

Its all pretty easy to navigate but the only problem I found was once I downloaded a book I thought it would appear in the books but it doesn’t it appears under documents. Which is okay once I figured it out.

There is a slight waiting period when you open the Kobo and are doing things such as opening a book but its okay.

So after playing around with it and trying to figure things out I was brave enough to download some books from Net Galley . This was one of the first books I downloaded to how it would look:

As you can see its Winter Passage by Julie Kagawa. Its a little novella that came out after the Iron King. Then to show you what the page looks like this is page three from the book. I think the only down side is that the covers are black and white.

The books I have downloaded so far onto “Blackie” is:
-ABC is for Circus Chucky ( I was curious to see what a children’s book would look like)
-A home made Christmas
-A Simple Amish Christmas
-Dining with the Dollar Diva
-It all started with a dare
-b is for bufflehead (another picture book)
-The Painted Darkness
-The Mermaids mirror
-The Oracle Rebounds
-Tyger, Tyger
-Amish Friends Cookbook volume 2 (I have had this on my computer since last year)

So my overall impression so far is pretty good. No major problems to date and its been fun reading from it although I have to say nothing beats the good ole book. I won’t be giving up on the actual books any time soon but I thought it would be nice to have if I am ever present with the chance to review books with this format.

As for downloading I have no problems once I figured out the program (I am not very computer savvy and I basically need to be told how to do things when it comes to modern technology.) It was really simple to do since I already had adobe digital editions on my computer and it just involved of few clicks here and there and then it was on my ereader.

Although I have to say only having it roughly over a week I have already downloaded more then I can handle right now as you can see. Hopefully I can have them read before the 60 days is up.

Do you have an ereader? What do you think of yours?

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