Panty Fly April Edition

 If you remember earlier this month I did my first Panty Fly post (click here to see it) and that was actually the March shipment. Since that post I have worn what I got with the exception to one pair that didn’t fit all that great. Which wasn’t that big of deal considering I paid less then $7/month for the subscrition.

 Before writing this post I went to check out Panty Fly’s site to see if anything has changed and there was a change made from the last post. Shipping is now free to Canadians and US.

This subscription auto renews.

The subscription has two options: monthly of 3 pairs of panties (your choice in style) for $9 or prepay for three months and get 9 pairs of panties (your choice of style) for $18.

So this is my second shipment from them and what a difference from last month. These are from the style Sleek & Sexy. I honestly probably wouldn’t have bought these particular patterns because they are so out there for me.
Sadly I tried to get as much info as I could on the underwear but alot of it come up with nothing very helpful mainly the price fo them.

The flowered ones are by a company called Vision Intimate INC I pair I got wasn’t even listed on the site and there was no prices for anything similar so not sure how much this would retail for if you were to purchase it.

The grey printed ones in the back came up with nothing. So I have no idea about the company or the cost.
The third pair (the white ones) is another one I couldn’t find any info on.

I have to say I was excited when I got the package but once I opened it I wasn’t so sure. I will have to see how well they will fit because even though they are in my size. They look a little small for me. If not I will contact the company since they offer:


We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all or our products. If you are not happy for any reason let us know, we will make it right or refund you payment.

What do you think of this kind of service?

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