Another Just Released

I am a huge fan of the show on TLC called What Not to Wear and Clinton Kelly. Last year I got Clinton Kelly’s book Freakin’ Fabulous and loved it.

Earlier this year I heard that Clinton had a new book coming out called Oh NO She Didn’t and I was super excited and quickly made a note that I wanted to get it.

Then I found out that he was going to be at BEA and I knew I had to get in line to see him and was really praying that he would have his book with him and that I would get a copy signed. I wasn’t sure that I would get to see him because the line was so long but I have to say I am happy to report I did get to see him and get this picture taken with him.

I have to say that I was pretty nervous about meeting him. Not so much him but because of what he does on tv and honestly I tried to say pretty neutral in what I wore I believe it was a basic white top with black Capri’s but sneakers on my feet and I made that comment not to look down and he was so funny and said not to worry its a convention and its hard to dress up and walk around so phew.

This is what he was signing:

Its basically a chapter out of his book I believe. It wasn’t his book which bummed me out because I would have loved to have gotten that signed and I didn’t think to bring my copy of Freakin’ Fabulous and I wish I had.

Anyways today Clinton’s new book is being released and I have it on my wish list and hoping to pick it up very soon. If you are fan of the show then this is the book for you. Pick it up and enjoy it.

Muffin tops. Scrunchies. Suntan hose. Slut shoes. Visible panty line.

Who hasn’t had the unfortunate experience of witnessing—or (gasp!) actually wearing—one of these fashion disasters?

The atrocities Clinton Kelly has seen—it’s a surprise he hasn’t gouged out his own eyes. Mom jeans? Fancy fingernails? Tracksuits? In the same straight-talking style that has made TLC’s What Not to Wear a smash hit for eight seasons, the cheeky media personality and author of Freakin’ Fabulous shows women how to outfit themselves with confidence and style as he pokes fun at fashion “don’ts.” From the most obvious faux pas (Texas tuxedos) to borderline offenses (peekaboo boobies), Clinton offers detailed and entertaining critiques of our top one hundred sartorial slip-ups. He turns his keen eye to wardrobe, color, cut, cleanliness, hairstyle, accessories, and even posture. And because he loves you, he presents easy alternatives and practical suggestions for creating fabulous outfits that will make you forget you ever wore socks with clogs.

Clinton also explains how to use trends to your advantage at any age, from deciding which ones work for you to understanding how to wear them to keep your look relevant. Because if you’re not comfortable in the sequined mini, everyone around you will know it.

A delightful mix of hilarious dish and expert fashion advice, Oh No She Didn’t will turn anyone from fashion victim to fashionista in no time.

Gallery, October 2010

Hardcover, 208 pages

ISBN-10: 1439163162

ISBN-13: 9781439163160

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Just Released

I am super excited because Rick Springfield’s memior Late, Late At Night was just released a mere second ago. I have to admit that I am not a huge memoir fan but this is the exception to the rule.

I think my very first exposure to Rick Springfield was when he worked on General Hospital. I was a devoted fan back then and then I heard he had a album (yea one of those) I can remember saving up my babysitting money to buy the cassette (am I actually dating myself here?) Which I think I might still have packed away in my basement somewhere. Its been replaced by a cd. I played that cassette over and over and I have to admit that I am surprised it last with the numerous times it was played.

In May (2010) I was really excited to hear that Rick was going to be at BEA promoting his book. I have to say sadly there was no ARC’s of the memoir to be seen except a promotional item. Which you can see my review of it here. Which I just love.

I thought I would share once again the picture I had taken when I met Rick in May. He is super sweet and truly appreciates his fans. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet he was. This hug was a genuine hug and not one of those yea here you go take the picture and sends you on your way kind of hugs.

From the Publisher
In a searingly candid memoir which he authored himself, Grammy Award-winning pop icon Rick Springfield pulls back the curtain on his image as a bright, shiny, happy performer to share the startling story of his rise and fall and rise in music, film, and television and his lifelong battle with depression.

In the 1980s, singer-songwriter and actor Rick Springfield seemed to have it all: a megahit single in “Jessie’s Girl,” sold-out concert tours, follow-up hits that sold more than 17 million albums and became the pop soundtrack for an entire generation, and 12 million daily viewers who avidly tuned in to General Hospital to swoon over his portrayal of the handsome Dr. Noah Drake. Yet lurking behind his success as a pop star and soap opera heartthrob and his unstoppable drive was a moody, somber, and dark soul, one filled with depression and insecurity.

In Late, Late at Night, the memoir his millions of fans have been waiting for, Rick takes readers inside the highs and lows of his extraordinary life. By turns winningly funny and heartbreakingly sad, every page resonates with Rick’s witty, wry, self-deprecating, brutally honest voice. On one level, he reveals the inside story of his ride to the top of the entertainment world. On a second, deeper level, he recounts with unsparing candor the forces that have driven his life, including his longtime battle with depression and thoughts of suicide, the shattering death of his father, and his decision to drop out at the absolute peak of fame. Having finally found a more stable equilibrium, Rick’s story is ultimately a positive one, deeply informed by his passion for creative expression through his music, a deep love of his wife of twenty-six years and their two sons, and his life-long quest for spiritual peace.


Dimensions:336 Pages, 6.12 x 9.12 x 1 in

Published:October 12, 2010

Publisher:Simon & Schuster

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:
ISBN – 10:1439191158
ISBN – 13:9781439191156

So don’t forget if you are a Rick Springfield fan then this is the book for you. I can’t wait to get it and read it. I think this one will actually be pushed up on my TBR pile when I get it.

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New Release Day in Books #2

Its New Release Tuesday. This is what is being released today and I was lucky enough to get advance readers copy. This is a brand new series for middle grade readers that Sourcebooks/Jabberwacky has gotten the US rights too.

Pia has always told her pony everything…but now he’s talking back!

It’s hard being the new girl in town—new school, new stable, new rivalries. It seems Pia’s only friend is her pony, Drummer. But horses can’t talk…can they?

Suddenly, all the horses are talking—to Pia! Now she can understand Drummer, and does he have a lot to say! Who knew this sweet-looking horse would have such an attitude. When news of Pia’s pony-whispering power spreads, her popularity grows and she finally feels like she belongs…that’s when everything starts to go wrong.

Book 2 is called Team Challenge and its supposed to be released December 1st, 2010.


Storm Steele is an impossible child.

Or so his parents believe thanks to the influence of his evil “step-monster.” Now Storm is being forced to attend the School of Possibilities for troubled youth. But Storm notices that something strange is going on at his new school. The students are not…normal.

Soon he’s being spied on, followed by classmates—and worst of all, forced to accept the headmaster’s perfectly behaved daughter as his girlfriend. He can feel himself becoming more obedient, more like his classmates. Storm tries to resist, but he doesn’t understand how or why the school is controlling him.

Can Storm escape—or will he be turned into a zombie of “good” behavior like everyone else around him?

All the info contained in this post is from the Sourcebooks website.

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New Release Day in Books #1

Welcome to New Release Day. I am not sure if anyone else is doing this in the blogosphere and if it is being done please let me know and I can credit you for it.

I thought it would be nice to showcase New Releases being released today. I plan on showcasing the books that I own.(They were either sent to me or I either bought them.)

A ghost will find his way home.

Jennie Lovell’s life is the very picture of love and loss. First she is orphaned and forced to live at the mercy of her stingy, indifferent relatives. Then her fiancé falls on the battlefield, leaving her heartbroken and alone. Jennie struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, but is haunted by a mysterious figure that refuses to let her bury the past.

When Jennie forms an unlikely alliance with a spirit photographer, she begins to uncover secrets about the man she thought she loved. With her sanity on edge and her life in the balance, can Jennie expose the chilling truth before someone—or something—stops her?

Against the brutal, vivid backdrop of the American Civil War, Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown have created a spellbinding mystery where the living cannot always be trusted and death is not always the end.

Check for my review of Picture The Dead on May 19th.

I began the deception when I was too young to know right from wrong. Only with the passing of time did I come to understand the consequences of my actions.

I do not believe that I have ever intentionally deceived anyone. Maggie has a different understanding of the events that have happened. To her the spirits were always a game. For me they were my life’s calling. I have no regrets.

It starts as a harmless prank…then one lie quickly grows into another. Soon Kate and Maggie Fox are swept into a dizzying flurry of national attention for their abilities to communicate with the dead. But living a lie is sometimes too much to handle, even if you have the best intentions. Based on a true story, We Hear the Dead reveals how secrets and lies can sometimes lead you to what’s real and what’s right. And how sometimes talking with the dead is easier than talking with the people around you.

Check for my review of We Hear The Dead on May 20th.

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