Taking Part in the Make Up/Out Ban 2013

Recently my friend Lucy from Moonlight Gleam and Simply Blushed  told me about this YouTuber Pink So Foxy and that I should watch her recent vlogs. Her name is Christine and she is going through a life style make over.

Christine wanted to simplify and declutter her life. Keep want she needed and used and get rid of things she didn’t need or used. Honestly after watching her vlogs I realized that I am just like Christine. I have a ton of crap (pardon the language) just lying around collecting dust that’s never been used or no longer being used.

After watching her vlogs I realized that I buy things for the sake of buying things. You know what I mean, right? That is partially due to watching vlogs and reading blogs. You see so many great things that overs have and are showing that you want and not necessarily need. Which is my case.

I admit shopping is like a drug for me and I get a little high from buying something. I think this all stems from growing up and not having alot of the things my friends had and I always vowed that I would always have things when I grew up.

So I have reevaluated my life and have decided to get rid of alot of things. To start off with I got rid of:

That is three full garbage bags of clothes, shoes and purses. When I started to clean out my dresser and closet I realized that there is clothes I no longer wear and probably haven’t worn for years why hold on to it? The same with purses, I am always buying one and only using it in one season so I decided that since I now have two really good value purses that’s all I really need, right? If I’m not buying purses I am buying shoes, some of the shoes weren’t even worn. Which is a shame because that money could have been used some where else.

That is the lesson here that I had to learn I am spending money on things I don’t really need but want. Is that right? No, its not. I could be using that money on other things or putting it away. So from now on I stop and think before buying.

So I am happy to say that those three bags were dropped off at good will and someone who needs then will get them.

After that weekend of cleaning I decided to tackle my dresser and bookcase which consisted of make up and various samples etc and purge and I did that. I managed to unload this:

Some of the items I had to trash because they were used and I don’t give out used items and the other items I will share with friends and family because it hasn’t been opened and used.

So the following is taken from Christine’s blog Beauty Travel Channel :

Make Out 2013

I will allow myself 10 makeup purchases for the year 2013. This includes: all color cosmetics, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighters, lipstick, lip liner, eyeliner, eye primers, foundation, powder, mascara, color nail polish, perfume, and repurchases of any items I finish. (The items crossed out are items I don’t use-Cindy)


*Excluding: nail polish remover, topcoat, basecoat, false lashes, back 2 macs, hair care, basic body care and natural skincare ingredients (oils, clays, toners, etc) (Again items I don’t use)

X_____Cindy S. / December 31, 2012__
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Wishing me luck guys, I will need it.
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