Sunday’s in Bed With & Health Update

This is being hosted by two of the sweetest people I have the privilege of knowing in real life, Kate and Kim. Sadly we don’t talk like we use to because you know real life happens but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them both.

Good Morning everyone. Hope you all had a good week and a good weekend.

Update from last week… I had an appointment with the neurologist to go over the results of my MRI/Cervical Scan and the results are not what I was expecting. The reason for the numbness thankfully is not due to a stroke or anything heart related but its due to a flair up caused by MS. This was my first one.

I am  currently waiting to get an appointment with the MS dr to discuss this and to see what’s next. Thankfully it was caught early and we can start treatment right away.

I still have numbness in my arm and hoping that will go away on its own, if not i have to start a cortisone treatment to help reduce the inflammation. Once I get my arm back to normal I will be able to continue my blog which i have to say i miss a lot.

As you  can imagine I am still processing all this and not much reading got done this week. Hopefully now that I know what is happening I can get back into reading again because i have to admit I am getting a little bored with watching xmas movies.

So i am still currently reading:

Snow in Love