Books for the Season of Autumn

Since Jennifer’s last blog post of recommendations of books for babysitting did so well Jennifer has decided to do one for the fall season. So here is her suggestions for some fall books. We hope you enjoy this and get some ideas to read this fall.

Summer has finally decided to bow out and autumn has blown in with its chilly winds.  The leaves are showing off their multicolour coats and cinnamon and pumpkin spices linger in the air.

Living in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving during the month of October.  Therefore, many of our autumn traditions are combined with those of Thanksgiving.   For example, every year, the whole family meets up at our favourite apple orchard.  We hitch a hay ride through the orchard and then pick and eat apples to our hearts’ content.  Apple donuts and apple fritters are consumed on our way to the car.  A quick stop at the farmer’s house where we choose pumpkins that will soon become jack o’ lanterns.  Seasoned veggies are purchased at great prices and with cars full, and bellies content, we all head over to my parent’s home where Thanksgiving dinner will be devoured in the hours to come.  I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Despite the ages of my children, 14 and 11, this time of the year gathers us together to reminisce in childhood picture books and stories of thanks.  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few of the books we read year after year and has become a part of our autumn tradition.


 “The Falling Leaves” by Steve Metzger and illustrated by Jill Dubin is an all-time favourite.  My kids still cheer for Yellow Hickory.  Your kids will too.  Thanks to the wind, nothing is as the other leaves had anticipated.


“Leaves” by David Ezra Stein beautifully illustrates the changing seasons through the perspective of a little bear.

Thanks for Thanksgiving

“Thanks for Thanksgiving” by Heather Patterson and Mary Jane Gerber is a beautifully illustrated book about a family’s Thanksgiving traditions.  It is similar to that of our own which is most likely why it is a favourite.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada

As my children got older and understood more, I added “Thanksgiving Day in Canada” by Krys Val Lewicki and illustrated by Ana Auml to our autumn selection of books.  Narrated by grandparents, this book is informative and historical surrounding the customs of Thanksgiving. I would read this one to children in grades three and up.

In a couple of weeks, these books will be read, if they haven’t already.  I am grateful that my children still appease me in this tradition, for I know, as they grow, traditions will need to change and grow, too.  Happy Thanksgiving. –

What are some of your favorite fall books?

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