Sundays in Bed With…Follow Me Back

Welcome to our Sundays In Bed With… Meme! The meme that dares to ask what book has been in your bed this morning? Come share what book you’ve spent time curled up reading in bed, or which book you wish you had time to read today! 

This is being hosted by two of the sweetest people I have to privilege of knowing in real life Kate and Kim. Sadly we don’t talk like we use to because you know real life happens but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them both.

Isn’t it funny how Monday to Friday you want to  sleep in a little bit but come the weekend its like you’re up at the crack of dawn for some reason. During the week I find I am sluggish getting up but I have to to make sure Michael is up and ready for school with breakfast and a lunch. Thankfully this week is his last week of school. He is off Monday, Tuesday and Friday but has exams Wednesday and Thursday morning and then he will officially be on summer vacation.

As for the weekends I am always up at the crack of dawn and no clue why. We have taken to putting blinds up with a sheer curtain and then a blackening out curtain but that still does not help although I have to admit that I have noticed that I am sleeping better at night its just the mornings. We use to have  a tree on the side of the house that our bedroom is on but had to cut it down and I am seriously thinking we need to put in a replacement because it helped with some of the light coming in.

Anyways this weekend was no exception as I am up early once again. So I decided to curl up on the couch and read. So as I am writing this up I will be going back to read this one:

Book Follow Me Back by A.v. Geiger

I am really enjoying this and I can’t wait to get back to reading it. What are you reading this morning?