February 2017 Book Unhauling

Good Monday morning everyone. For the past two years I have been sharing with you the books that I have unhauled from my collection. I started doing this in 2015 and at that time I  released 211 books and then last year due to life happening I missed months sharing what I unhauled and it went undocumented so the only number I have is 124 from the months I did share.

I am going to make 2017 a better year in sharing what books I am unhauling. As a book blogger and a book reader I don’t tend to keep the books once I read them unless there is a special meaning for them so I always pass them along to friends and family.

So each month I will be posting about what books I am unhauling and then another monthly post will be what books I physically bought in the month.

I told myself  New Year’s Eve that I really needed to do a major clean up and major purge of the items in the house that aren’t being used and that is taking up space. One of the items is books and if you could see my bookcases and tons of boxes in the basement you would see that, that is one of the issues and one of the things taking up most of the space so I am making it my mission in 2017 to get that all cleaned up and purge what I have read and know I won’t reread as well as purging the books that I no longer have a desire to read.

So lets get right into February and take a look at what I unhauled this month:

  1. Late Edition by Fern Michaels
  2. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware


Total books released this month: 2

Total books released in 2017: 13

Total books released in 2016: 124

Total books released in 2015: 211