Review/ Monument 14: Sky On Fire

Review/ Monument 14: Sky On FireSky on Fire (Monument 14, #2) by Emmy Laybourne
Format: Hardcover
Published by Feiwel & Friends on May 28th 2013
Pages: 215

Trapped in a superstore by a series of escalating disasters, including a monster hailstorm and terrifying chemical weapons spill, brothers Dean and Alex learned how to survive and worked together with twelve other kids to build a refuge from the chaos. But then strangers appeared, destroying their fragile peace, and bringing both fresh disaster and a glimmer of hope.
Knowing that the chemical weapons saturating the air outside will turn him into a bloodthirsty rage monster, Dean decides to stay in the safety of the store with Astrid and some of the younger kids. But their sanctuary has already been breached once. . . .
Meanwhile, Alex, determined to find their parents, heads out into the darkness and devastation with Niko and some others in a recently repaired school bus. If they can get to Denver International Airport, they might be evacuated to safety. But the outside world is even worse than they expected. . . .

I am so happy that I had book two on stand by because I am loving this series and I am trying hard not to zip right through this one but its really hard because you are sucked in right away. It was hard to put this book down at times.

This is just like the first one, it will take you on a roller coaster ride and have you flipping the pages and sitting on the edge of your seat.

Sky On Fire picks right up where Monument 14 (book 1) left off. Most of the kids have left the Greenway and Dean, Astrid,Chloe and the twins have remained behind. Alot has gone down in the first book that carries over into this book. The kids quickly realize that the Greenway is no longer a safe haven so the kids who have left in the bus are determined to make it to Denver and get help back to the kids still at the Greenway.

Alex and Dean are the narrators this time around and each tells their story in alternating chapters so you got a feel of what was going on in the outside world and what is happening in Greenway. Each tell quite the story of what is happening in both places.

I am trying really hard not to say to much about the book and spoil it for those that want to read it. So I will tell you is that you will not expect that things that happen in this book to happen. There is so happy endings and there is some sadness but I think that is to be expected.

I am excited to start the third and final book in the series and my review should be posted the day after this one goes up.

Does this sound like something you would read?