Review/ At The Same Moment Around The World

At The Same Moment Around The World Format: Hardcover

When I first picked this up to read I have to say it was unique. It felt like a different kind of picture book. Which I think is always nice to encounter.

The book takes us around the world. The illustrations went perfectly with the story it was telling and I really liked that each picture works and flows with the following pages. Sometimes that never happens but this one did and I loved the book for that. I loved that the first illustrations was the same as the last with just a different text.

This is a great book that will teach kids about the different times zones we have in the world and what other people can be doing at that same exact time of day. We are all different but yet the same.

Another thing I loved about this book is that it comes with a map something you don’t see very often in a picture book and you can actually follow the story line with the map as it shows where the places are on the map.