CD Review/ 7 by Seal

  • Band/Artist: Seal
  • Title: 7
  • Date: November 6th, 2015
  • Label: Warner Music

I didn’t realize that this was Seal’s 7 cd. For some reason I thought he had more then that out. I enjoy listening to Seal’s music so you can only imagine my surprise when I found out that I was going to get the chance to listen to his lastest cd before it hit the stores.

Seal reunited with longtime collaborator producer Trevor Horn, who he has worked with in the past on his debut, 1991’s platinum-certified Seal, continued with the quadruple-platinum Seal II [1994], the gold-selling Human Being [1998] and Seal IV [2003], and most recently Soul 2 [2011].

I really enjoyed listening to 7. Each song is different from the next but the theme to each song is LOVE. Its like each song is at various stages of the love phase. I am trying to figure out what is my favorite or favorites and I honestly have to say that I love each song because it invokes a different kind of feeling for me.

I love how different each song is in beat and the instruments that are used and I think thats what makes Seal so unique. You can tell that Seal is pouring his heart out in this cd and I am sure most of it is in reference to his break up with Heidi and I have to say that I think this has got to be his best cd to date and that is only my opinion. I really like this side of Seal.

I have always enjoyed listening to Seal’s music. There is something just a little different about Seal’s voice and his music that attract me.

This is definitely a cd I can play all day because its got a great mix of all kinds of music and it will appeal to all kinds of music fans. This would make the perfect Christmas gift to the music lovers out there.

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Track Listing:
1-Daylight Saving
2-Every Time I’m With You
3-Life on the Dancefloor
4-Padded Cell
5-Do You Ever
6-The Big Love Has Died
7-Redzone Killer
9-Half A Heart
10-Let Yourself
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