Super Exciting News!!!!

For the past month or so I have been working on an exciting project with my good friend Michael (although after our conversation yesterday I might have to rethink that LOL) and after all our hard work,  its finally done and I am able to share it with you my readers and friends.

Michael and I have created a youtube show called “What’s On Your’s?”. Its a weekly show where we share what we are reading, what we are listening to, what we are watching and so much more.

This is our first episode:

What do you think?

Now I have something fun and exciting to ask you, you would like to be a part of our show? We are looking for bloggers, authors, publishing reps, book tour companies to be a part of the show. If you are interested please leave a comment in this post with a way for me to contact you or you can go through the Contact Me form on my blog  (if you click on Contact Me it will take you to the form).

I hope you enjoy the show and please let me know what you think of it?