5th Annual Broke & Bookish



Phew once again I managed to get in under the radar on The Broke and Bookish Secret Santa. Its hard to believe that this is going to be the 5th one. This is I believe my third year in doing this. I know I missed the first year because I only stumbled upon it after the fact and then for some odd reason I missed it the third year. Oh well thankfully I actually remembered it early this morning and went hunting for it.

This is one of my favorite Secret Santa’s to do because you are paired up with other people who are bloggers and have a love for books. I have always been extremely lucky with my partners and was lucky enough to get to meet one if you CLICK ON THIS it will take you to my post about the whole thing.

Sadly the signups closed at 11:59pm November 13th or else I would have told you to go and sign up.

I am looking forward to seeing who I get to shop for and to discover who my partner is. Check back when all will be revealed in December.