Read-A-Thon/ Bout of Books 11.0 (Goals)

Bout of Books
Next week I plan on taking part in the Bout of Books 11.0 read-a-thon which will be the last one of the year I believe until January.
With any read a thon you really have to set realistic goals because if you make your goals to high and demanding you will fail which I always do because I always forget that real life happens that you have no control over.
Here is a list of books that I am hoping to get through this week:
To break up the reading of books I have a few manga’s I borrowed from the library & that I currently own that I want to read as well and they are:
  • Summer Wars 1 & 2
  • Courtney Crumrin – Vol 1 and the night things, Vol 2 The coven of Mystics, Vol 3 The twilight Kingdom, Vol 4 monstrous holiday, Vol 5 the witch next door
  • Raina Telgemeier’s Drama, Smile & Sisters

With every read a thon there is daily challenges so I am hoping to complete those daily as well as do daily up dates.

I am also setting a goal to comment on 10 new bloggers post daily.

I also want to participate in some twitter chats if the timing is good.

So those are my goals, have I bitten off more then I can chew? Check back next week to find out.

11 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon/ Bout of Books 11.0 (Goals)

  1. Angie @Angela's Anxious Life says:

    I have to agree about setting your goals too high. I used to say I would read like 5 or 6 books and then I would never get to that many and then I would be very disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal. So now I only try to read like 3 or 4 and if I go past that then I am super happy. Good luck with everything. I look forward to checking back in with you to see how you are doing during the week.

    • Cindy Smith says:

      I have taken part in several read a thons and alot of bloggers really recommend breaking up your reading with novellas, etc and I am going to do that with the manga’s. I think it will be good to break it up.

    • Cindy Smith says:

      Thanks I think I will need it LOL I am trying not to set a high goal so if I can read half of that I will be so happy. Hopefully I will post reviews after the read a thon

  2. Kat C says:

    Good Luck on your goals ! I read the first book in Zoroda Cordova’s series…can’t believe the others are out already, can’t wait to see what you think.

    • Cindy Smith says:

      I read the first one too and really enjoyed it. As for the second one I picked it up at BEA in 2013 and never got to it so now is the perfect time since book three is coming out…marathon reading 🙂

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