Challenge/ Foil Sample Challenge 2014



Earlier this summer I decided to do a massive clean up of my bedroom. I literally pulled everything from my closet, dressers, bins etc and decided it was time to purge and get rid of clothes that no longer fit, purses no longer used, shoes no longer worn, etc because you know what I mean, right?

I wish I would have gotten photos but I was too busy getting rid of things because I had known had I stopped I would be in trouble.

The whole clean up took almost a week to complete and I still have some rearranging to do.

What I did when it came to the the make up I put everything into a bin and from there  I organized it (once I am done I will share pics of the final look) into three piles on the bed, stuff to keep, stuff to donate, stuff to trash and then all the foil pack samples was a whole other story.

This is where I had an eye opening experience and I don’t have pictures because what I am about to say/write I don’t want proof of, (denial perhaps) but looking at the piles on the bed sat literally hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of make up/other kinds of products  that was either not open, opened but not used, used & didn’t like,  expired and using. I was in total disbelief at this and shock my head.

In order to tackle that I quickly trashed all the expired stuff (you know that mascara you opened years ago and really liked but never finished it, eye shadow you first had when you started wearing make up in high school, etc) I mean there is really no need to hang onto that any longer and I trashed the used and didn’t like as well because I don’t like to give used make up away.

Then from there I tackled the rest I kept what I really wanted and would use and donated the rest so that someone  else or others that could get use out of it.

So now that I am aware of all this I decided that I will:

  • get back into doing my make up ban and this will begin Sept 1st until May 24, 2015 when I go to NYC. I figure I can finish up a few things and make a dent into other things and if I buy anything when I am in NYC it will only be things that I can’t get here in Canada.
  • will make monthly empties posts/vlogs and I think once I start using up things I will feel like I am accomplishing my goals
  • I think I am going to start doing either a weekly what’s in my make up bag or a monthly one and pick out either enough make up for that week/month and use only that for that period.
  • I have cancelled all my beauty box subscriptions and currently only have Beauty Box 5 (monthly) and Fortune Cookie Soap (this one is quarterly)

That is a good way to use up what I have and perhaps either finish up or make a dent into items.

Now for the foil samples that I have, I have gone through them and already bagged the ones that have expired and for the rest of them, I am making it my mission from Sept 1 to Dec 31, 2014 to use them up.

Here is my list that need to be used up:

  • 2 body smoothers
  • 20 various make up samples
  • 90 various skin care samples
  • 13 various hair care samples
  • 13 perfume samples
  • 25 hand/body samples
  • 3 food item samples
  • 3 biore strip samples
  • 4 breathe right strips
  • 5 crest strips samples
  • 6 sunscreen samples
  • 16 various other samples (a mix of an assortment of samples)

I will be putting the finished up packs into a monthly post/vlog.

Am I the only one who has a stash like this?