Book Blogger Challenge/ Back To School day 9



Today’s topic is Day 9 Share with us the story of your favorite teacher or mentor.

I was lucky when I went to school. I had quite a few amazing teachers and its hard to pick just one but if I have to it would have be my grade one teacher Ms Brown. She was a young teacher and you could see she loved teaching.

I was very nervous when I started school because I was literally the new kid who had just moved to the area that summer and I was shy and very quiet (yes that is true as hard as that might be to believe LOL) she made sure that the kids played with me and after a little while I turned into that kid who was fearless who had her bubble burst fairly quickly.

Ms Brown was very caring and she cared about her students. I remember that winter of grade 1 I had slid down an ice hill on my stomach and well needless to say that wasn’t a good idea. She sat with me while I was crying because my mouth was bleeding, she kept telling me it would be okay and hearing that made me feel a little better.

She was the kind of teacher who didn’t allow kids to pick on other kids.

It was a small school from grades 1 to 6 so roughly 120 kids and it was nice because everyone looked out for everyone. Plus I have to admit being the tinyiest one had its advantages LOL