Review/ The Demon Notebook

Review/ The Demon NotebookThe Demon Notebook Series: The Demon Notebook #1

by Erika McGann
Format: eARC
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. on 2014-06-03
Pages: 288
Genres: Horror & Ghost Stories, Young Adult

For Grace and her four best friends, magic is just harmless fun—until it's not...

Things have gone wrong for Grace, Jenny, Rachel, Adie, and Una. Very wrong. A freak snowstorm stranded the whole school, the history teacher's gone bonkers, and their notebook has taken on a diabolical life of its own, bringing all of their previously failed spells to life. At first the girls are thrilled to see their magic finally working.

But the spells are botched and people might get hurt and Una's not acting quite right...

Can the girls stop the madness before the demon notebook works through their list of spells, slowly creeping towards the last, truly awful spell that they didn't really want to happen?

I received this book for free from publisher/pr firm in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Demon Notebook is Erika McGann’s debut novel. It was first released September 2012 and Sourcebooks has aquired the rights for it in the US. This is the first book in the series and the second one is called The Broken Spell..never look back. I don’t know when Sourcebooks plans on releasing this but hopefully soon.

Growing up my grandmother taught me two things: 1) be careful for what you wish for and 2) never to dabble with witch craft because you will be playing with a force that is much stronger then you. I have to say that I never dabbled with witch craft because I have seen way to many movies and they scared the life out of me. I know they are just movies but when you are younger (early tweens/teens) its pretty scary stuff.

When five friends named Grace, Jenny, Adie, Rachel and Una find a spell book called The Great Book of the Occult the girls can’t help but dabble into some spells such as making making Andrew pee is his pants in french class, making a teacher speak gibberish in history class, Grace’s spell for having James like her and want to be with her (I admit when I was in school I thought of doing this but figured it would never work so never even tried it)  and the list goes on and on. These spells never worked and the girls don’t understand why so they decide to up the antie a little and move on the the Ouiji board.

So with a plan to make this work they decide to use the school during career night because thats when the full moon is happening. I think at first the girls thought it wouldn’t work but when it did they got a little freaked out and honestly would could blame them, I know had it been me I would have freaked out and probably ran for dear life.

The board gives the girls a latin phrase which is basically your wish is my commend. The girls have their book of failed spells and before they know it the book is being flipped out and the pages are being flipped like someone is quickly reading it. They don’t really think much of it until the next day in school when all those failed spells start to work, Andrew pees is his pants in french class, there is a bizarre snow storm that forces the kids to spend the night in school, James is chasing down Grace because he likes her and sadly she is not feeling this. The girls notice that the most recent spells are being done and who ever it is is going down the list.

The girls panic because the very first spell is the worst of them all. They need to stop this before it happens. Will the girls be able to before its too late?

Will the girls be able to save one of their own before the demon takes over?

This was a quick read. I enjoyed it but I don’t think Michael would because I think he would find it a little scary. He did say that the cover was neat and wanted to know what I was reading and I asked him if he would be interested in reading it and he politely told me no thank you.