Reading Challenge/ 50 Book Pledge 2014

I haven’t taken part in any book reading challenges for quite some time now and its because I honestly suck at them. I think its because I set my goals to high and then get overwhelmed.
My first year of blogging I read 45 books (no goal was made just to read), my second year I read 110 books (i think I set a goal for 100 and I did it), my third year was 85 (I set a goal for 150 and failed), my fourth year was 78 (I set a goal for 100 and failed) and the rest wasn’t documented so I will have to go back and check my blog for that.
This year I thought it was time to perhaps start a new reading challenge. I decided that it wasn’t going to be a challenge but a pledge. I am pledging to read 50 books this year. If I read more then great but if I only read 50 then I am happy.

If you are interested in taking the 50 Book Pledge you can do so by going to this link:

Are you doing any reading challenges? If so which ones?
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