Day 9 Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: Cons or Events You Hope to Attend


 There is only a few days left in the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenged hosted by

Sadly this year I won’t be able to attend BEA. Perhaps when it hits Chicago in 2016 I might be able to swing that. Maybe 2015 for the last year in NYC could be possible.

I would also love to attend ALA but the midwinter ones are out of the question due to the locations. I would love to do the annual one in chicago but that is only in 2017 or 2020.

Right now I am looking at attending one conference here in Canada but nothing is posted about when it will be just that at the end of the month is the super conference. Not sure if its then or not but if thats the case the perhaps next year I will make it a point to attend that.

I will try and attend as many author events as I can this year.

What about you?

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