Day 13 Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: Share a Blogger Horror Story

The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge is almost over. Where has the time gone. This past 13 days have been alot of fun. I loved doing each and every prompt and discovering new blogs and bloggers.

Today’s prompt is Share a Blogger Horror Story

I have been blogging since 2008 and over the course of five years I don’t think I have ever encountered a horror story or at least nothing comes to mind. Perhaps I blocked that tramatic memory.

The only thing I can really say that was bad (but then again it wasn’t me it was an author) was when I went to a signing for a well known adult fiction writer ( I won’t mention any names and I certainly never read said authors books again) everything was going good and I when said author started to do a reading for their newest book I was going to record a little snippet well I was sitting their waiting for a good time to record (and I don’t have a huge camera its just a regular digital one that makes no noise or anything) and the author just stopped in mid sentence and asked me to stop recording because it was to distracting to them.

This author had never even looked up from reading so I had no idea how they knew I was getting ready to record. What bothered me the most was I had spoken with the authors rep before hand to ask if it was okay to record a snippet for a the author meet up post and I was told it was okay.

I never did post about that author meet up and after that I gave away all the books I had on this author and I refuse to support that person any longer. Which is sad on the authors part because they lost a fan and supporter. I would have promoted them here on my blog.

So their lose is another author’s gain.

Whats your horror story?

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