Secret Santa Part 1

 One of the things I love about the Christmas season is doing Secret Santa exchanges. They are so much fun because sometimes you get to discover a new blog and blogger. I was lucky this year because the two Secret Santa’s I got are new to me.

The first one I am talking about today is the one I did with a facebook group I am a member of. This is my second year doing it.

Its filled with Canadian Bloggers. Through this group I have met several Montreal area bloggers. These women have given me so much information about blogging and branching out. They have also given me so much confidence to step outside my comfort zone and to go ahead and ask because you just never know.

Thank you ladies, you already know how much I appreciate you all.

As of right now I have no idea who the person was that sent me my gift but if I find out I will come back and edit this post and put her blog link here.

I got this in the mail December 19th and I have posted in the facebook group that I got it but I thought I would share what I was sent now. Yes I did open it as soon as it came in, don’t judge me..LOL

I was given a Make a List pad which is coming in handy because I am constantly making lists or notes to remind myself. I am so busy that I forget things quite easily. I was also sent these super cute owl magnetic book marks which I love. Michael claimed half of them which is okay. I don’t mind sharing with him. The last item I got was a Starbucks gift card which will come in handy during this holiday season with hockey games. It will be nice to make quick coffee runs on the way to the games,

Thank you again Secret Santa for my lovely gift. I love it.

I thought I would share the blog link to the person I sent to here: 
I am looking forward to reading more of her blog especially the craft ideas she has been doing.
Merry Christmas

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