Another awesome signing I got to attend

Today I was lucky enough to attend another local signing with two awesome authors.


 Catherine McKenzie contacted me earlier to let me know that she was going to be doing a signing at my local library in October but I was sadly unable to attend at the last minute. I was disappointed because I would have loved to hear her talk about her book in that kind of setting but I honestly was okay because I knew she was coming to my local Chapters a few weeks later.

When I walked into Chapters at first I have to admit that I had a bit of hard time finding the table. I thought that perhaps I got my dates wrong or that it was cancelled at the last minute but as I was walking around I spotted them in a little cubby hole in the store.

It was nice to see Catherine again and I was telling her that her books seem to be my vacation books because I just read her newest book Hidden on my vacation this summer. My review for that will be up in December when I will be apart of Catherine’s book tour. I am excited for that.

I also got to me another local author, Isabelle LaFleche who is also a Montreal author. It was really nice to meet her finally. I was invited to her book launch of J’adore Paris earlier in the summer by Tina but of course I was unable to attend.

You can read about that event that Tina posted on her blog by CLICKING ON THIS TEXT

Then when I was in Hungary I was invited to another event that was being hosted by Harper Collins Canada that had both Catherine and Isabelle in attendace CLICKING ON THIS TEXT (this is a post that Tina wrote on her blog).

Just before leaving the signing Catherine and Isabelle got their table moved into a better location and I hope their signing was a success.

It was so much fun talking to both Catherine and Isabelle and I got my copy of Hidden signed by Catherine. Isabelle signed both her both her books J’Adore New York and J’adore Paris for me. I am super excited to read both Isabelle’s books because Tina has spoken very highly of Isabelle and her books.

Just before I left Catherine and Isabelle graciously allowed me to get pictures. And yes that is two bowls of candy on the table.

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