Review/ The Snatchabook

Title: The Snatchabook
Author: Helen Docherty
Illustrator: Thomas Docherty
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pub Date: October 1, 2013
Pages: 32

Source: I received an advance readers copy when I attend BEA 2013 from Sourcebooks.

About The Book:

Where have all the bedtime stories gone?
One dark, dark night in Burrow Down, a rabbit named Eliza Brown found a book and settled down…when a Snatchabook flew into town.
It’s bedtime in the woods of Burrow Down, and all the animals are ready for their bedtime story. But books are mysteriously disappearing. Eliza Brown decides to stay awake and catch the book thief. It turns out to be a little creature called the Snatchabook who has no one to read him a bedtime story. All turns out well when the books are returned and the animals take turns reading bedtime stories to the Snatchabook.

When I heard about this book at BEA earlier this year I made it a point to stop by the Sourcebooks booth to pick it up. That night I read it in my hotel room and instantly fell in love with it. It had a fantastic story and fantastic illustrations.
When I came home I was pleasantly surprised that Michael (who is 10 years old and still loves a good picture book) picked it up and took it to read.
I asked him what he thought of it and what he got out of it and he said it a great story about reading books and about the friendships that grow because of it. I was blown away he got what I thought he would get from it. He knew what the meaning was.

Eliza the cute main character is an adorable bunny who is a huge reader. One night she is all set to go to bed to read but quickly realizes her books are missing as well as others in Burrow Down. Where are the books going? Who is taking them?

Eliza is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and find out who the book thief is. What will she do when she discovers the thief? Will she get the books back to the animals of Burrow Down?
This is the cutest little book told in rhyme.
I highly recommend this book. The illustrations are beautiful and the story line is great. As a book lover  who loves to read and instill that into Michael we happily added this book to our collection at home.
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