Subscription Saturday/ Lip Factory Inc August Box

Welcome to another Subscription Saturday. If you are wondering what Subscription Saturday is, its where I share with you what I got in a beauty box subscription this week. Please note that all these boxes are purchased by me. I was in no way compensated for this.
I decided earlier in July that I would only post these beauty box subscription unboxings on a Saturday. There will be some Saturday’s where I will be posting a few unboxing posts.

This week I only got one box and that was one of my favorites, Lip Factory Inc. I have been with Lip Factory Inc since October 2012 and I honestly have to say that this is one of my favorite beauty boxes of them all.

For $22 per month, each month, you will receive your Lip Factory Beauty Kit containing 5 to 7 of your favorite makeup brands. Although your kit may include a full face of makeup products, our focus is on your lips! Your kit may include lip products such as lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners and lip therapy products. Our products are chosen each month by our expert team of beauty specialists and makeup artists.

Each month your beauty kit, filled with well known and new brands, may also contain a surprise beauty bonus.

If you are interested in subscribing to Lip Factory Inc I would invite you to use me as your referral and my Referral Number is 27022. Your referral will go towards me getting a free box. You can go directly to this link:!subscriptions/con8
This month I noticed right away that the outer box had changed and I have to say I love it. Its the perfect box for Lip Factory Inc. Hmm I wonder if this is something that they will continue or if it was just a one time box?

I am always so excited when I get Lip Factory because its the one box I always try to avoid looking at spoilers for.

This month I also noticed that the product card was different to. I really like it. inside there is a brief description of the items and what they are.

The inner packaging has stayed the same  and I really like that they use a box because the boxes are great to pack things in if you are shipping stuff or giving some stuff to a friend.
When I opened the box the first thing I see is this:
Right away I noticed the Me Me Me Cosmetics Shimmer Stack in Gold. You can use it as 5 eye shadows or you can use a large brush to brush over the palette to create a shimmering illumination and definition to the cheek or brow bones. As you can see this is totally me. Its very neutral in colors which I love. I would probably use it as an eye shadow palette but perhaps if I was going away on vacation and was limiting what I was bringing perhaps this would come with me and I can get use of it as an eye shadow and blush. What do you think?
I really like the colors in the palette as they are nudes with shimmer.
Then I swatched them and I have to say I am not really feeling this palette. The pay off isn’t that great as you can see and this was after I applied the shades several times.

 As you can see there really isn’t that much color to them. I literally ran my finger over the shades quite a few times. I am disappointed because it looks so pretty.

The next item I pulled out of the box was the Sweetpea & Fay Lip Joule. This is something I have gotten before and I like it. Its very pigmented so a little goes a long way in my opinion but its nice because you can lightly blot it for a liquid look or build it up for a more glossy shine. For me personally I would lightly blot it because its very pigmented and the color is not me at all. I got it in the shade Merry Widow.
I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the color. When I first put the drop on my hand I was like no way that is just not me and its too bright and then I figured why not try it out and well let me say I am happy that I did because I actually really like the color and that little drop did my lips.
When I looked back to get my next item I quickly noticed the NYX logo and was happy. Since discovering NYX in my beauty boxes I have grown to love this company and slowly picking up a few things from them here and there when they are on sale. This is the NYX Wonder Pencil. This is suppose to be the essential pencil that will fullfill all of my beauty desires.
 You can do three things with this pencil and they are: conceal (flaws & blemishes), line your lips (so your lipstick doesn’t bleed or fade) and brighten your eyes (use along your water line). For me personally I don’t think I would use it for all three just because I would be worried about cross contamination.
A new name that I saw was the ColourU Cosmetics.  I have never heard of them before so it was nice to get something new and exciting. They graciously sent a matte lipstick in the shade Skinny Dip. I really like the shade.

I have to say I was disappointed in this. It looks so creamy and moisturizing when I opened it but it wasn’t. I had a hard time to swatch it as it was hard. The color is really nice when I did the swatch

I figured I need to see what it would be like on my lips and I didn’t like it. It went on hard and its wasn’t moisturizing at all. I didn’t like the feel of this and the color is not me. I had to apply it several timesand it started to bleed out which I didn’t like. I probably won’t use this and shoved it in the make up I use for Halloween.
I thought this next item was fantastic and it quickly went into my traveling make up bag. Its the White Towel Make Up Remover. Its great to throw in for an over night trip or to have in case you want to do a quick make up change while your out. Its a 2 in 1 wipe meaning its an exfoliator and a make up remover. Its naturally gentle and effective and it will leave your skin feeling fresh.


I haven’t gotten onto the fake lashes band wagon yet and I think that is due to the fact that I am seriously worried about glueing my eyes shut so I have avoided them but I am thinking I should give them a try since I have gotten quite a few pairs in various boxes. These ones are by Red Cherry and they are 100% Natural lashes. They are made from human hair. Its #47 in black.

So this is my August Lip Factory Inc box and I liked the box because I tried a color that I probably wouldn’t have othewise even though there was two not so great products. I am hoping that maybe the palette will make a good blush and perhaps I will give the fake lashes a try?
What do you think?

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