#NiveaHaus Experience & Haul

For as long as I can remember I have always loved Nivea hand creams. There is just something about them that I love and I find that they are the only hand cream that works amazing on my hands.
It was roughly late spring when I heard that Nivea would be hitting the road and I was thrilled because they were going to do a semi cross Canada tour (finally a brand I love would be coming to my city) and they had stops scheduled in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calary, Toronto and Montreal.
Imagine my surprise when I found out that they were actually coming to the one closest to me? I was thrilled because I thought for sure they would only go down town which honestly probably wouldn’t have been doable.
This past weekend (Saturday) I was lucky enough to get to experience the #NiveaHaus stop. To date they have traveled roughly 12, 693km (roughly 7,887 miles) and saw 17, 538 visitors. Wow that is alot of people.
The purpose of this cross country trip is to share their passion for healthy nourished soft skin.
Nivea has been in business for 102 years and they are one of the worlds largest skin care companies. They have a huge selection of skin care, bath care, body care, lip products, anti-perspirant/deodorant and a new mens care line.
 My first stop when I walked in the trailer was the Nivea Skin Analyzer to get my skin analyzed. I am always curious about this because I always think of my skin being normal with sensitivity and to get a right analysis is always nice. Currently I have sensitive skin that is a little dehydrated and over all its in very good shape which is always nice to know.
 I wish I would have gotten the girl’s name who did my analysises because she was so nice. She recommended that I try the Nivea Aqua Effect Gentle Cleansing Cream or the Gentle Foaming Cleanser along with the Gentle Toner and then to mositurize with the Q10 Anti-Wrinkle with SPF.
 As you can see they have a great selection of various skin care items. I wish I would have gotten more of a peek at the dry to sensitive skin care line that was on the second shelf.
After doing that I got speak with Adam, who was super sweet and nice and walked me through the rest of the trailer where he talked about the products and answered any question that I had about the line of items.
 The first place I checked out was the new men’s line. This line carries face cleanser & moisturizers, body lotions, shaving gels/creams/foams, after shave care and so much more. I love how they have kept it simple and appealing.
 One of my favorite stops was the body care line. I love lotions and two of my favorites from Nivea are the smooth replenishing lotion and the body milk. Although after smelling a few of them I have to say I think I want to try the other items out.
Another favorite stop of mine was the bath care section because if you happen to look in my hall panty you will see a ton of various shower gels and soaps by various companies. I just started using the Nivea Creme Soft shower gel and its been a few months using it and I love it. I love the smell and they way it leaves my skin. Also in the shower is the creme soft soap which is something we all love using in the shower/bath.
Nivea has a ton of great smelling shower creams although Water Lily & Oil and Sunny Melon & Oil are the next ones I really want to try out. They smelled so good but I am sure I will be discovering the other shower creams in this line very soon.
Something that was new to me is they now carry anti-perspirant/deodorant. I never really noticed them because I generally buy one brand and scent and never really looked at anything else until today. I have to say I was really impressed. They have various kinds in roll on & stick and ones that will give you extra protection, anti staining, give freshness and extra care.

Finally the last stop on the tour was the hand creams and lip care. This is my all time favorite section. I was able to try some hand creams. The one that will be bought this fall is the SOS Repair & Care because once it gets colder my hands get dry and chapped and this will help them. The other creams in the line are the Q10, Express hydration, Pure & Natural and the Smooth Replenishing.

Personally for me I prefer the lip balms in the jars over the sticks & tubes. I know the jars are messy but they are so hydrating and long lasting. I never really have to reapply like I do when its in the stick/tube.

As you can see Nivea has a great selection of sticks that offer hydration, color & shine, instant repair & relieft and SPF. The tubes over you color & shine and the jars offer you long lasting and moisture.

I want to thank Nivea for making this one of the stops on the tour. I loved getting to see the brands, what is new and meeting the awesome staff that was there.

A huge thank you to Adam for showing me around and talking about the products and to Antonia for her recommendations and to talking me into doing that video.

As I was leaving Antonia gave me this little goodie bag. Antonia I can’t wait to try the items out.

 Inside the little goodie bag was:
-samples of the Nivea Creme (which I love and I have this by my bed and use nightly)
-samples of Nivea Soft Refreshening Soft Cream (this is for the face,body and hands)
-samples of Nivea Body Lotion Firming (Q10)
-samples of Nivea body milk Extra Nourishing
-samples of Nivea Mattifying day care moisturizer & purifying cleanser gel
Since I did a little video response I also got a bottle of water which I have to say is the cutest ever.
Since the #NiveaHaus was right in the Walmart parking lot I had to run into Walmart to get a few things that we need and look at what jumped into my basket. I have no idea how those got in (hehe)
I bought:
-Nivea Harmony time shower cream (delicate scent of white rose petals & moisturizing almond milk) (love the smell of this)
-Nivea happy time shower cream (invigorating orange blossom senct & caring bamboo milk) (another one I love the smell of)
-Nivea happy time bar soap (its like the shower cream above)
-Nivea Aqua effect gentle cleansing cream
-Nivea Aqua effect gentle foaming cleanser
-Nivea Aqua effect gentle toner
-Nivea Invisible for black & white anti-perspirant/deodorant (blue cap is pure)
-Nivea Invisible for black & white anti-perspirant/deodorant (white cap is clear)
If you are in the Montreal area you still have a few days to check out the #NiveaHaus stops.
August 13 at Walmart in brosssard
August 14 at Walmart in LaSalle
August 15 at Walmart in Laval
August 16 at Walmart in downtown Montreal
be sure to check out Nivea Canada on facebook.
Do you like Nivea? If so what is your favorite item?

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