What’s in My Make Up Bag (part 2)

You are probably sitting there thinking that I did this post yesterday and you would be correct I did do this kind of a post yesterday but if you know me I tend to over pack and I think that is due to the fact that I have no idea what we are going to do when we reach our destination.

I know that my brother in law has planned some things for us to do but I have no idea  what they are as he hasn’t sent me an email yet so its a total surprise so I want to be prepared. Expect the unexpected is what my motto is.

So yes I am bringing another make up bag with a few more items and I will show you that as well as the other items I am bringing with me.

 This make up bag will be in my suitcase and its actually a make shift one because I am using the Strand pencil case I bought this year. Inside that is a razor, tooth brush, tweezers, more hair pins, a scrunchie, two make up brushes, a Marcel BB cream to powder, and I thought it was time to use my Naked basic palette and Lorac Femme Fatale palette other wise they would probably just sit there unused. Also bringing three lip products one is a sheer linen lipstick by L’oreal (I believe) a Kate Moss lipstick (not sure of the shade but its got a bit of color) and lastly my Fresh lip balm just in case.

 I am also bringing hand wipes (as a mother you are always walking around wiping hands, mouths etc so I love traveling with these little pouches, a small pack of quite tips, small pack of Quo make up pads and finally some make up remover wipes. I know I probably could have bought this over there but I need to use up what I have before buying new.

 Some of the jewelry I am bringing is this cute little braclet/hair tie in silver and gold (not pictured cause I am currently wearing it) and two owl necklaces that I got from Old Navy. What I love about these are they have a long chain. They are just too darn cute and I was lucky enough to get a deal on them and it was buy one full price get the second for a $1.

This is the liquids I am bringing with me.

 Dove deodorant (this isn’t my normal one but I have to say I really like this), a small sample size of the apple shower gel (love the smell of this), suncreen as I said there is a heat wave going on and I don’t want sunburn people around me, toothpaste that I am excited to try and voltaren in case my knee acts up on vacation and I need some relief

 The other part of my make up is La Roche Posay for skin intolerance cleanser and moisturizer (not much left in these and I want to make sure I have it on hand in case something goes wrong and I have a reaction), the Marcel BB cleanser and BB cream (love these and bonus no reaction to them), a hand lotion, Olay concealer just in case of a break out and I need to cover up, a bath and body works perfume (love the smell and it can work in case the bathroom smells) the naked balm, mascara sample that I want to use up, a essence concealer which  will go in my purse in case I need a quick touch up and finally a Pore concealer just because I want to finish this up.

I tried to cut back on  my hair care stuff and I am actually down to a shampoo and conditioner (love the clear stuff and in the next few weeks I will have a review on it because a friend gave me the full size of each on to try and review, when I was in the US I discovered a line of hair care products from L’oreal that are for curls and I need that the liquid is a detangler, the other is a cream that I use when I put my hair up and the last one is by L’oreal too from that same line for the curls.

I really like the L’oreal stuff and wish it would appear on our shelves soon.

So this is what I am packing in my suitcase. I know its alot right?

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