Smashing Saturdays #2 Another Kind Of Journal You Can Use

Last week I made my very first Smashing Saturday post talking about my essentials that I will be using in make my Smash journal.
During that same trip to Michael’s when I was looking for the Smash journals and items I noticed right beside that display I noticed another kind of journal that you can use to make a Smash journal and its by Recollections and its a Creative Chaos Journal.
 Creative Chaos Journey Small Binder by Recollections™
Begin by selecting a binder (small or large) in the theme best suited for your needs. Then add photo insert pages, pockets, envelopes, stickers, journaling cards, and more to your basket. Whether you are a seasoned scrapbooker, a novice at journaling, or somewhere in between, you will treasure your Creative Chaos journal for years to come!

Our Journey/Travel binder measures 19 cm x 22.8 cm (7 ½” x 9″) and includes 36 sheets of beautifully designed double-sided cardstock prints.


The one I got is the small one. I was talking to the lady at Michael’s and she was telling me that she uses both the Smash journals and the Creative Chaos ones. The thing that I like about this one is that its a binder style one unlike the Smash journal were its a coil one.

As you can probably tell this will be my NYC journal and I will be putting all three years of NYC in this one. I also thought that the Smash journal would be better to travel with then this one.

I didn’t go all out on buying supplies for this because nothing was really on sale for it so I just stuck with a package of Dividers (5 in a pack), a package of the Fill in the Story cardstark paper pad, package of airplane stickers (which will be used in my Smash journal) and a package of New York stickers.

Now with that being said you can use anything you want in your journals you don’t have to stick the just purchasing Smash items or Recollections items you can use everything and anything.

Be sure to click on the button below to take you to Katie’s blog to see what she is up to with her Smash Journal.

Call Me Crazy
I am not sure if I will have a Smashing Saturday post up next week as I am currently writing these posts and scheduling them to appear on my blog (while I am on vacation) before leaving for my trip. I guess it will all depend on what I get down before leaving. If not then I will back post when I get back.
Is anyone taking part in this?
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